At the time, I’m cultivating my solo works. “Dirt Proud – EP” is my latest release and it can be found on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Pandora, and in countless other places. I am collaborating with various musicians via the internet for recording projects. I come from a background of of indie, experimental, math / prog bands which I feel is responsible for my sound, style, ideas, etc…

My solo, acoustic guitar work is similar to the style of Kaki King, Michael hedges, and Egberto Gismonti. In my solo music I momentarily harvest sounds that reflect my thoughts and emotions. I aim to create music that is deep, intense, cunning, and organic. I’ve been involved in music for close to two decades and I still learn something new everyday…


Tony Murnahan

“Dirt Proud – EP”

label: Stwrongtone Media
release date: 2016

Tony Murnahan

“Tinfoil Hat Stuff”

Tony Murnahan - Tinfoil Hat Stuff
label: Stwrongtone Media
release date: 2008

Track Listing
1. I Hate My Driving
2. Fear of an Empty Nest
3. Space Travel, Wrist Radios and Ray Guns
4. WreckTangles
5. Mind Control In Mexico
6. Big Brother’s Little Helper
7. Lunch Hour Lipo
8. Ockham’s Razor
9. Faraday Cage
10. When Push Comes To Shovel


“It’s Not Magic… It’s Just Math!”

Tony Murnahan - Murderhands
release date: May 22, 2007

Track Listing:
1) Cover your mohawk!
2) Which war was that?
3) KangaRoosters
4) Smile at the dead guy
5) Too many blanks in your analogy
6) Geriatric Flasher
7) Hooker Souffle
8) Waving automatic guns at nuns
9) Ain’t nothing wrong with that tractor
10) Take it how you can get it
11) Sometimes dogs get rashes…
and nobody does anything about it.

Apis Bull

“Exercises In Futility”

Apis Bull
label: Galvatraz Records – TX, USA
release number: GVR 4[12]
release date: Feb 20, 2007
players: Kevin Apis (guitar);
Tony Murderhands (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Spousal Conflict
2. Dog Funeral
3. Health Insurance Reject
4. Horseshit Connoisseur
5. Tim The Librarian
6. Starter Home
7. Rushing To A Red Light
8. Investment Classes
9. Squirt The Animals
10. Look At Me Then Look At You
11. OH BOY! It’s The End of The World Again…
12. [blank space]
13-19. (bonus material live from WXDU 88.7)

Tony Murnahan

“Selling Sunglasses On A Cloudy Day”

label: Satire Records – Japan
release number: Satire 012
release date: May 19, 2006

Track Listing:
1. raindrop reflections [mp3]
2. path of the maniacal donkey [mp3]
3. minamata
4. falling down the rabbit hole [mp3]
5. wayfarer
6. unscene
7. el as arriba la manga [mp3]
8. don’t wear out the rocking chair
9. invincible dinghy
10. outro

Wretch Robot


Wretch Robot
label: Stwrongtone Media
UPC: (887516215667)
release date: Dec 2005
Track Listing
1. Transmission Repaired
2. Necropolis
3. Love Bought
4. Ignition
5. Rapid Fuel Loss

The Kickass

“Death Metal Is For Pussies”

::::Buy it here!::::
released: June 17, 2003
label : Bifocal Media
Players: Andy Townsend (guitar, keyboards);
Chris Winchell (trumpet);
Tony Murnahan (bass);
Benjamin Earl (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Strongest Dead Mand Alive [mp3]
3. So…You Want To Have A Led Zeppelin
Riff Battle Huh? Let’s Do It
4. Losing Streak At
5. Up Stares Down Stairs
6. Never Let You Down
7. Living Color
8. Otherwise Your Just Another Retail Salesman
9. Catch On 11
10. Cadillac Of Doom

The Kickass

“Self Release Sept 2001”

Players: Andy Townsend (guitar)
Tony Murnahan (bass)
Benjamin Powell (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Catch On Eleven
2. Otherwise Your Just Another Retail Salesman
3. Living Color
4. Never Let Ya Down
5. Cadillac of Doom
6. Losing Streak


  • The Kickass
    (instrumental, math-rock)
    – Bassist
  • Apis Bull
    (instrumental, confuso, indie-math, duo)
    – Drummer
  • Transformer
    (indie alt-pop)
    – Bassist
  • Absinthe Sugarcube
    Progressive Rock/Metal
    instrument: Drums & Guitars
  • Mod Skeeto
    instrument: backup vox
  • Locusta
    instrument: Guitar
  • A Thousand Curses
    instrument: Drums
  • The Blind Leading
    Prog Rock/Metal
    instrument: Drums
  • Wretch Robot
    Electronic bleeps
  • Openupacan
    Solo AcoustiProg
    instrument: Guitar
  • Murnahan, Hines, & Tyson
    Instro Jazz/Fusion
    instrument: Bass
  • Dolly Dagger
    Indie Rock
    instrument: Drums
  • The Kickass
    Instro Tech Gnar
    instrument: Bass & Guitar
  • Slow Speed Chaser
    Instro Indie Rock
    instrument: Guitar
  • A Kiss Before Dying
    instrument: Bass
  • Darling
    Indie Rock
    instrument: Bass
  • The Young Professionals
    Instro Indie Prog
    instrument: Guitar
  • The Creeping Phloxx
    Instro Indie Rock
    instrument: Guitar
  • Every Day Is Monday
    Indie Rock
    instrument: Guitar